Course Information

2017 LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship Oct 12(Thu) – 15(Sun) 2017. Sky 72 Golf Club Ocean Course, Incheon, South Korea

Course Information

hole18 전경도


hole18 상세모습

Hole Description

An extreme decline of 20 meters from the tee to green allows players to make a dramatic finale. The additional drop due to the altitude difference helps tee shots carry longer than usual. A strong fade allows the ball to roll down slowly along the narrow part of the fairway toward the green. For the second landing area and better line to the green and the lake, players should hit their tee shots as far as possible. The lake on the right and the two fairway bunkers on the left surround the second landing area. Players should aim for the right side of the bunker for an easier iron approach, or aim near the bunker next to the green for a bump-and-run. Three good shots will offer you a great opportunity for a birdie or par to close out your day at Sky 72 Golf Club.